Success Story: Elite Communication's Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads For a Local ISP

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Copmany Overview

At Elite Communication, we take pride in being a distinguished provider of broadband internet services, exclusively catering to the super-premium client category. With a strong focus on delivering exceptional connectivity solutions, we embarked on a mission to enhance our online presence and drive organic traffic within our selective local area in Dhaka City. This case study offers an insightful glimpse into the challenges we encountered, the strategies we deployed, and the remarkable outcomes we achieved through an all-encompassing Google Ads campaign.

The Case Study Results

Our Google Ads campaign for Elite Communication yielded outstanding results, driving remarkable growth and delivering significant business outcomes. Let’s explore the statistics that showcase the campaign’s success.

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Results In Detail

Increased Conversions

Through meticulous targeting and compelling ad creatives, we witnessed a substantial increase in conversions, translating to a higher customer acquisition rate.

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Ran this campaign to increase conversions and reached the number of 7,829 conversions. Compared to the first campaign we got 16.28% more conversion for the exact cost.

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This image is  showing the report of increasing rate of conversions week-over-week.

Boosted Website Traffic

By implementing search ads and display ads, we successfully drove a significant influx of quality traffic to Elite Communication’s website. This resulted in increased brand visibility and engagement.

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This display ad was run to generate traffic to the website and conversions as well. And the first attempt for Elite was satisfying. Because we got 640 clicks where the conversion rate was 61.88%!

Google Ads Elite

That was the first campaign, but what about now? The result of a single campaign speaks for itself. 

Enhanced Call Volume

Leveraging call ads enabled us to generate a substantial rise in phone calls from interested prospects, facilitating direct communication and fostering stronger customer relationships.

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From January 1 to March 31 we got 1300+ calls! 

Case Overview

Elite Communication, a leading provider of broadband internet services, sought to amplify their online presence and drive measurable results through a Google Ads campaign. With a focus on targeted ad placements and compelling messaging, we aimed to attract and convert the super-premium clientele within the selective local area.


The Google Ads campaign for Elite Communication was strategically designed to achieve remarkable outcomes by pursuing a set of primary objectives. The primary objectives of the Google Ads campaign were as follows

Increase traffic and visibility within the selective local area.

Drive conversions and acquire new customers through effective ad campaigns.

Improve brand recognition & maximize (ROI) by optimizing ad campaigns for cost-effective acquisition and retention of high-value customers.

Establish Elite Communication as the preferred provider in the market.

Highlighted works for case

Researched Market & Keywords

Created Compelling Copies & Images

Strategic Campaign Setup

Monitoring & Optimization

What Our Client's Say

picture of Md Manzur Iqbal
MD Manzur Iqbal Founder & CEO of Elite Communication

Marketorr's Google Ads service has been a game-changer for my business! Their strategic approach and attention to detail have resulted in a significant increase in leads and conversions. With their help, I've seen a remarkable return on investment. I couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you, Marketorr!

Challenges We Faced

The Google Ads campaign for Elite Communication encountered several challenges in its quest for success:

Finding customer driven keywords

Images and copies that clients would like to engage

Very short and selective local area

Make the audience believe that we can provide the perfect solutions

Case Introduction Problems
Key Points From The Case Study

Key Points From The Case Study

The Google Ads campaign for Elite Communication relied on several key points that contributed to its success:

Strategic ad placements across search and display networks.

Utilization of call ads to drive direct customer engagement.

Implementation of compelling messaging and ad creatives tailored to the super-premium clientele.

Continuous monitoring, analysis, and optimization of the campaign for optimal performance.

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