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Facebook Ads For a Clothing Brand

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In this case study, we will examine a successful Facebook Ads campaign conducted for a client in which we aimed to generate sales and maximize return on investment (ROI). The campaign spanned 12 days and utilized a strategic approach, incorporating various creatives, videos, and promotional tactics to engage the target audience effectively.

Campaign Overview

Client: Arwa Exclusive
Business Focus: Custom Made Dresses
Objective: Increase sales and ROI through Facebook Ads
Timeline: 12 days
Total Sales Generated: BDT 2,79,340
Ad Spend: $170.87

Brand Overview: Elevating Modest Fashion with Custom-Made Dresses

Arwa Exclusive is a trusted brand in modest fashion, specializing in custom-made dresses for women. With a focus on quality and creativity, they offer a captivating range of gowns, abayas, kurtis, and tops. Embracing individuality and empowering women, Arwa Exclusive creates exquisite outfits that exude grace and sophistication.

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Highlighted works for case

Strategy Development

Planning With Backup Option

Content Design

Budget Allocation & Campaign Setup

Strategy and Execution

Targeted Promotional Ads:
To kickstart the campaign, we designed four different creatives and videos with engaging content to capture the attention of the target audience. These ads were specifically tailored to promote the client’s products and highlight their unique selling points. The objective was to generate initial interest and create brand awareness.

Sales-focused Ads:
Following the promotional phase, we strategically transitioned to sales ads. We created two posts featuring high-quality product photos and another with a compelling video showcasing the benefits of the client’s offerings. These ads were designed to drive conversions and encourage potential customers to make a purchase.

Ad Spend Allocation:
Based on our analysis and campaign goals, we allocated the ad spend as follows:

Promotional Ads: $20 + $25
Sales Ads: $112.46 (Total)
Ad Optimization and Testing: $13.41

Unleashing Performance: Based On Analytical Data

Sales Performance:
The Facebook Ads campaign proved to be highly effective in generating sales for our client. Over the course of the 12-day campaign, it resulted in a total sales revenue of BDT 2,79,340. This highlights the success of our strategic approach and the ability to connect with the target audience effectively.

Return on Investment:
Considering the ad spend of $170.87 and the generated sales revenue, the campaign yielded a strong return on investment. The ROI calculation demonstrates the profitability and effectiveness of the campaign in driving revenue for the client.

Cost per Acquisition:
By analyzing the campaign data, we calculated the average cost per acquisition (CPA) which was $1.29. With a clear focus on optimizing ad performance and conversion rates, we ensured a competitive CPA, maximizing the efficiency of the client’s advertising budget.

Lessons Learned and Future Recommendations

Strategy Development:
The success of this campaign relied on the development of effective strategies tailored to the client’s goals and target audience. Going forward, it is crucial to continue analyzing market trends, competitor strategies, and audience preferences to refine future campaigns.

Creative Optimization:
Continuously testing and optimizing creatives and ad formats is essential for maintaining audience engagement and maximizing results. A/B testing different variations of visuals, ad copy, and calls-to-action can help identify the most effective elements for future campaigns.

Ad Budget Allocation:
Based on the campaign’s success, it is recommended to allocate a sufficient portion of the budget to the promotional phase. This allows for building brand awareness and establishing a strong foundation before transitioning to direct sales-focused ads.

What Our Client's Say

Shahanur Eva
Shahanur Eva Founder of Arwa Exclusive

The ads campaign done by Marketorr went beyond our expectations! They are experts in advertising and knew exactly how to reach the right people for our brand. Even though we had a small budget, they made it work and got us amazing results. I would highly recommend them to others. They really did a fantastic job!

Case Introduction Problems

The real problem in this case revolved around effectively targeting a selective category or niche while working with a limited budget.

However, our team rose to the challenge and successfully engaged the audience with our ads. Through thorough analysis of page insights, customer records, and previous ad performance, we gained a deep understanding of the target group. Identifying their pain points, desired value, preferred pricing range, and preferred tone, we crafted a strategic plan. Our content was meticulously designed to maximize impact while minimizing budget allocation, resulting in a campaign that proved to be truly worthwhile.

Problem solving
Key points

Key Points from the case study

Understanding your real and potential audience, their sources and activity on the platform is the key.

With super clarity, making an effective plan with a backup option based on a customer driven strategy is must.

Don't push hard. Showcase your product gently with value. Make them feel that there is no better product than it for them.


The Facebook Ads campaign proved to be a resounding success for our client, generating significant sales and delivering a strong return on investment. Through strategic planning, engaging creatives, and targeted ad campaigns, we were able to effectively reach and convert the target audience. This case study showcases the importance of a well-executed advertising strategy, demonstrating how digital marketing can drive tangible business results and growth.

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