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Virgin Trend


Logo Design, Brand Guideline


14 September 2022


Presentation for Virgintrend LTD
Presentation for Virgintrend LTD

Logo Development

Drawing inspiration from the company’s initials, the logo ingeniously incorporates ellipses and meticulously placed lines. These elements not only form the letter “W” but also convey a sense of dynamic movement. By employing lines angled at precisely 300 degrees, we evoke the notion of speed, while their robust thickness instills a feeling of dependability and trust. To complement this striking symbol, we carefully selected the SFT Scripted Sans font for the company name. Its seamless integration with the logo establishes a harmonious visual identity, and we modified the letters “i,” “t,” and “r” to align seamlessly with the logo’s distinctive design.

Presentation for Virgintrend LTD
Presentation for Virgintrend LTD
Presentation for Virgintrend LTD


A color palette consists of a combination of colors used in a range of design disciplines, from fine art to interior design to graphic design. Each color scheme consists of one or more of the twelve colors present on the color wheel. By pairing different colors with each other, you can create endless color palettes to use in any composition. Different color combinations evoke differently moods or tones by using color theory and color psychology.

Presentation for Virgintrend LTD


Brand application is simply the rollout of your brand on all of your marketing materials and customer touchpoints. Interacting with consumers through a consistent brand voice and aesthetic is a major step toward letting consumers get to know you as an organization.

Consistency across all your different brand applications means your brand feels more dependable. When starting to get to know your brand, customers

Presentation for Virgintrend LTD
presentation for Virgintrend LTD
presentation for Virgintrend LTD
presentation for Virgintrend LTD
Virgin logo

What Our Client's Say

Virgin Trend Client Logo
Virgin Trend Ltd. Apparel eCommerce Business, London, UK

I'm absolutely chuffed with the Logo Design and Brand Guideline by Marketorr for my ecommerce business. They've gone and nailed it, capturing the very essence of my brand in a cracking logo. The Brand Guideline they put together is spot on, ensuring top-notch consistency across all me marketing materials. Marketorr's creativity and attention to detail well and truly exceeded me expectations, mate. I can't recommend 'em highly enough! Cheers, Marketorr, for making me business stand out from the crowd!

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